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Just because I started a website called doesn't mean it's All-Ontario-All-the-Time. When I kick back at night my mood (and sometimes my curiosity) decides my wine of choice. And the title should read, "Uncorked and Un-Screwed Tonight" ... but that just sounds wrong.

A Combo of Big Reds (Chile / Australia)

08 Oct 2017

Montes 2012 Cab Sauv

(April 10, 2017) ... On the road tonight at a friend's house and I noticed it was big reds night once I pulled my two bottles out, one from Australia and the other from Chile, both Cabernet.

Let's start with the Montes Alpha 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, a wonderful bottle that was great when released and so far just keeps getting better: lovely minty blackberry along with cassis, spiced-plum and silky tannins.

Heartland 2008 Cab SauvI followed that up with an  even older Cab from Australia, Ben Glaetzer 2008 Heartland Cabernet Sauvignon, and this one delivered on big flavour as well, and being nine years old it also showed great complexity: eucalyptus, black cherry, spiced-plum, black raspberry, and sweet licorice.

Very happy with both wines ... More thrilled with the Aussie due to its age.


Markus Molitor 2004 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett (Germany)

08 Oct 2017

Markus Molitor 2004 Riesling


(June 11, 2017) ... Open this bottle on a whim and found out I was in for a great sip, this was one outstanding Riesling ... Slight petrol on the nose, but not unexpected based on its age, but there was still some apricot, a little dill and some peach pit. Acidity still kept this wine very much alive, plus there was an extra long finish; it surprising that it even went well with pizza - then again I think it would have gone well with just about anything.

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