From the Cellar

The Show & The Lucky (California / Australia)

23 Jun 2015

(March 14, 2015) ... A battle of '"The" wines: 'The' Show Cab and 'The' Lucky Country Shiraz ...

I started the evening with The Show 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that wasn't meant to last 9 years but seems to have done okay. The nose is dried fruit roll up and prunish, but the taste is smooth with vanilla and dried red fruits, there's even some mocha, toast and Christmas cake; definitely not at peak, but quite worth drinking. 45 minutes in and this wine loses it aged-charm and starts to become a challenge to drink, everything that was worth drinking and made it interesting has disappeared. So drink now and drink quickly as it ain't getting any better.

With the 45-minute result of The Show I tried opening another wine to fill the gap and ended up with a bottle from the same year, but from Australia, The Lucky Country 2006 Shiraz. Same year is where the similarities end; the nose is eucalyptus, plum and pepper, with hints of mocha - palate has lots of fruit in there: blackberry, plum, white pepper, and chalky-raspberry on the finish. Turned out to be a good wine for taco night, and best of all it lasted longer than 45 minutes.

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