From the Cellar

Thorn-Clarke 2005 Barossa Cuvee (Australia)

24 Aug 2015

(April 26, 2015) ... Lord knows I did not want to go to a game 7, so this game was crucial and as it turned out I opened this bottle at the start of the third period (my buddy, Joe, and I were too on the edge of our seats to be able to deal with a glass beforehand). I'm a Thorn Clarke fan and so I thought this wine would bring us an element of luck. Nose turned out to be more expressive than the palate: mocha, raspberry and blueberry with a palate that was a little more muted than I would have expected. Slight hints of raspberry with touches of mocha and a little white pepper on the finish ... But still quite smooth and supple.  Even in its mutedness it showed some real elegance.  Thankfully Montreal did beat Ottawa on this night, so game 7 did not happen ... phew.  (And for those not in the know, I'm talking NHL playoffs)

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