From the Cellar

Las Moras 2005 Black Label Shiraz (Argentina)

28 Aug 2015

(May 5, 2015) ... Recently, at an Argentinean tasting, I tried a Las Moras Syrah that was truly one of the best wines at the event. What I found interesting was that even the Argentinean, with their hot climate, are moving away from the Aussie-labeling and joining other regions in giving the rightful name of the grape: Syrah. This bottle was created when Shiraz was still all the rage and it's always fun to go back and taste these to see where they are and where they are heading.  The nose starts off spicy and woodsy, but adds a little vanilla and cassis into the mix with time in glass; the palate shows more complexity than the nose lets on, sure there was a heavy presence of wood but also blackberry, cassis, vanilla and spice. Pretty good considering its age. But the most noticeable thing here are those woody notes and spicy-peppery character.

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