From the Cellar

Alianca 2006 Particular (Portugal)

06 Sep 2015

(May 7, 2015) ... Now, if memory serves this is one of those special wines that benefited from an off-vintage. In 2006 Portugal the harvest in some parts was not up to par, and so Alianca (producer) didn't make some of their special single vineyard wines, and those vineyard's output ended up in this 'lower end' wine, thus upping the quality ... And what it has done for the age-ability of this wine is truly amazing. Nose is still all red and black fruit with hints of herbal and clove. The taste keeps all the fruit found on the nose and deliver it to the palate along with a touch of herbal and peppery notes, then adds nice tannins, cocoa, and spiced-raspberry to the finish. A pure delight of a wine, surprisingly still delicious and with plenty of life left ... But maybe not so surprising considering the story I told you at the beginning.

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