From the Cellar

Montes 2005 Cabernet-Carmenere, Limited Selection

29 Sep 2015

(May 20, 2015) ... So here I am opening a leaky bottle I found in the cellar ... I'm not sure what most people do with those bottles that have demanded attention because their partial contents are on the floor - but I always advise an open-and-see approach ... You'd be surprised to find that a leaky bottle could actually be good, the trick is to find out just how compromised it is. Smell and taste were in unison here: smoky and lots of dried fruit, very dried fruit, with an exceptional amount of cedary notes ... As the wine lingered in the glass those dried fruit notes, for lack of a better term, dried up leaving no hint of fruit here at all - but I don't think it was compromised too badly because of the cork - I think the age played a bigger part here.

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