From the Cellar

August Celebration (Ontario / California / Chile)

10 Dec 2015

(August 9, 2015) ... Because our family has a ton of birthdays and anniversary's in August, we usually all get together for a BBQ mid-month, this one came a little early this year and of course I had to bring a few bottles along to celebrate, let's take a look:

Henry of Pelhem 2010 Estate Cabernet-Merlot ... Hot vintage with some age, nice little starting point - for full review see the original note here.

Then I pulled the cork on a Michael David 2012 Petite Petit, these guys are known for their 7 Deadly Zins and their interesting / playful labels ... This here is an 85% Petite Sirah, 15% Petit Verdot blend loaded with big flavours and aromas:  blueberry, cassis, and plum lead the charge which were quickly followed on the palate by a repeat of what's on the nose plus a little white pepper for good measure.

There's always an older bottle at the table and today's came from Chile: Korta 2007 Syrah - from the nose it came off overly oaky, maybe even corked; palate proved to be interesting with dark berries, smoky, dried berries, oaky, and spice driven ... But soon the oak really took over on the finish, with plenty of tannins and spice, while the fruit all but disappears. It was not a favourite.

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