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Lamoreaux Landing 2009 Brut (New York)

15 Dec 2015

(August 18, 2015) ... I have a friend to whom I have said to many times, "when you travel, make sure you like that wine you buy double as much as something you would have at home" - simply put, when you visit a winery you get lulled and wooed by your surroundings and wines always taste better when you're away - I speak from experience here ... and  I had that experience again in New York State at a winery called Lamoreaux Landing with their bottle of 2009 Brut - I really liked it at the winery (and at an event the previous night) ... So here I was at home opening a bottle to taste; had I been wooed, or was I right?

This is a five years on lees, traditional method bubble made up of 57% Chardonnay and 43 % Pinot Noir ... The first think I noticed was the lightness of the colour, hard to believe 5 years had passed for this one. Nose was fresh and lively with lemon, green apple, and fresh bread; palate was lemon pith, yeasty, bread crust, with a green apple finish, nice acidity, long finish and a lovely tartness. So glad this one turned out like this away from the winery - as I bought 6 bottles while there - so had I not liked it double I would have been stuck with some rather dicey bubbles, as it turned out I am thrilled by the way this wine tasted here at home and at the winery.

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