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Disappointment at Decisions (California)

22 Mar 2016

Spoiled by Plastic(September 27, 2015) ... If you ever want to see me physically weep, present me with what should be an outstanding bottle of wine, like say a Rosenblum 2005 Syrah, Solano County - England-Shaw Vineyard - let me remove the capsule and then watch my shock and horror as I see beneath a (gasp) plastic cork - I could spit bullets after my initial moment of crying - why would they close a special single vineyard bottling under such an unreliable closer, surely they wanted this to age!

So I go forth and pour the wine into my glass ... I'm finding the wine to be slightly oxidized and massively alcoholic, especially on the nose (the labeled 14.2% seems much hotter than this) with sweet smoked meat, and overly-sweetish dark fruit ... The kicker is the off-putting finish ... I'm truly crying inside. What's worse, I also have two special vineyard Zins under the same closure. Shame on Rosenblum, low end / inexpensive / entry level - I understand - but these, for shame; and please don't write me back telling me the wines should be fine, you damn well know they're not! I'm pissed now! I've seen too many good wines wasted and great wines spoiled.

Saved by CorkSo here I go pulling out something completely different: Cline 2005 Cashmere, a Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache blend, also Californian. It's a nicely aged red from the same vintage as the Rosenblum: dried red berries, with herbal notes upon opening - but then an hour passed and boom: the nose has  blossomed with maraschino cherry and red licorice, while the palate has a plethora of flavours: white pepper, dried cherry, spice, cassis, and black raspberry all with a long smoky, dried berry finish. After finishing this my anger is abated, until I see the price tag on the Rosenblum bottle - all I can do is seethe and drown my sorrows in the Cashmere. Congrats to Cline for the real cork closure - Boo and Hiss to Rosenblum for a truly crappy decision and ruining my night; and two other bottles.

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