From the Cellar

A Double Dose of Farina Ripasso (Italy)

20 Oct 2016


(March 7, 2016) ... I seem to have come across a couple of bottles of Remo Farina Ripasso in my cellar during my semi-annual clean-up and thought: "why no give these two wines a taste together" - here's how they stacked up:

2010 (L) - 2011 (R)Starting with the Farina 2010 Ripasso "Le Pezze"; lots of baked dark fruit here with some plum, burnt chocolate, sweet leather-tarry notes; but after about a half hour it became too harsh to drink because of all those baked and burnt notes - sadly this one has not aged well.  

On the other hand, the Farina 2011 Ripasso "Le Pezze" was a true joy: fresh plum and raspberry on the nose with great ripe red raspberry, strawberry and hints of chocolate on the palate; the finish added subtle tannins and sweet vanilla.

This was the tale of two wines and the 2011 emerged victorious.



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