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Red Wings Game 3 - 2016 Playoffs (Australia / Portugal)

01 Dec 2016

(April 17, 2016) ... Here we are at Game 3 of the Wings vs Lightning (NHL) and my neighbour has joined us to watch - he too is a Canadiens fan but has got to go with an original 6 team (though never the Leafs), and the Wings are close to our heart in that respect. And, in essence we are drowning our sorrows of not having our own team to watch.

I have been eyeing up this Bonneyview Wines 2001 Basket Pressed Shiraz / Petit Verdot for quite some time, and now seemed a good time to get it open and into a glass:  Smoky, dried plum, dried blueberry, cedary-vanilla, with great complexity; and considering this is a 15 year old wine makes it all especially impressive ... definitely not at peak but pleasurably drinkable.

Next up is a Portuguese wine: Álvaro Castro 2007 Dão Quinta da Pellada: black cherry, with delicate spice and peppery nuances, plus plum fruit along with smoky, dried and cedary aspects ... there was an element of fruit here but it was very soft amongst the smoke, cedar and spices; this wine's best days are way behind it.


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