From the Cellar

Cellar No 8 2007 Zinfandel (California)

13 Apr 2017

Cellar No 8 2007 Zinfandel


(January 2, 2017) ... My first wine of 2017 that did not have bubbles in it, the three before this did, not sure why I kicked off the still wine year with Zinfandel, but then again, why not. This 9-year-old Cellar 8 was another in a line of wines I was circumspect about when pulling the cork out but was pleasantly surprised at what I found on the other side:  lots of smoked raspberry, with baked-plum-pudding and burnt cocoa; this one was still nice but running low on gas (so to speak), if you've got some it really is time to drink up.

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