From the Cellar

Elusiv 2010 Pinot Noir, Monterey (California)

10 Dec 2017

Elusiv 2010(September 10, 2016) ... If memory serves my first wine tonight was recommended by my good buddy Dave in Michigan - Dave and I see each other maybe twice a year, but due to the miracle of Facebook we know what each other is drinking, and when I get to his neck of the woods he's helpful in getting me the wines he knows I'll like. Pinot is his pecadillo though and he occasionally likes to throw one of those in my basket. I've sat on this one long enough and tonight this Monterey Pinot from Elusiv (2010) is what I chose: it's incredibly quaffable with cran-cherry and white pepper spice - happy to have had this in my glass - guess I'll have to trust Dave a little longer ...


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