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A Real Mish-Mash of Wines (California / Australia / Ontario)

20 Apr 2018

(October 22, 2016) ... A real mish-mash-melee array of wines hit the table this evening, here are some brief notes about them:

The Crusher 2011 Pinot Noir, Wilson Vineyard (California) ... smoky notes kick things off with red and black cherry to follow, sweet cranberry and white pepper also show up.

Henry of Pelham 2007 Reserve Pinot Noir (Ontario) ... the focus these days is on Ontario Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this reserve Henry is dusty and smoky, with cassis and harsh tannins; it's almost a fruit-less wine if not for those Southbrook 1999 Cab Franccassis notes.

Southbrook 1999 Cabernet Franc, Lailey Vineyard (Ontario) ... hot damn, this puppy is performing better than expected: red pepper jelly character on the nose with smoky, sweet strawberry, vanilla-oak, and a long finish filled with great acidity - this one's hanging on.

The Show 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) ... not sure why I hold some wines, curiousity I guess, but this one seems to be kicking around in a good way: dried blackberry with cedary and spice.

Tyrrell ShirazTyrrell 2004 Shiraz (Australia) ... nothing wrong here, with 12 years under its belt it's still a wine I'm happy to have a full glass of: plum, black cherry, coffee, and mocha,

Chateau des Charmes 2012 DroitChateau des Charmed 2012 Gamay Noir 'Droit' (Ontario) ... another wine that's still hanging on with full-fruited up-front flavour that proves to be simply delicious it also has that signature subtle peppery/spice that 'droit' is known for.


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