From the Cellar

ACWC 2017 - Day 2 wines

15 Dec 2018

Fielding 2009 Rieslikng


(June 7, 2017) ... I always take a number of bottles to the judging of the All Canadian Wine Championships, and usually stuff that is non-Canadian (unless I find something of interest in the cellar) just for a change of pace. Today's offerings were an old Ontario Riesling and an older Italian:

Fielding 2009 Riesling - Ontario ... A true beauty of an 8 year old Riesling from Ontario, dried peach, with some subtle petrol notes, dried apple, and great acidity to rein everything in, plus there's that balancing sweetness.

Frescobaldi 2008 Frescobaldi 2008 Tenuta di Castiglione - Italy ... There was still some nice fruit in here, dried for sure, but also some wood and good acidity helps bring it all together. It's very much alive and well.


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