From the Cellar

Bodegas Terra Sigilata 2010 Filon (Spain)

30 Apr 2020


(March 5, 2020) ... This used to be such a treat of a wine when I first bought it, but it has been in the cellar for awhile as I kept finding other things to drink, now it's time to see what 10 years on has done to it:

Aromas start out with dried fruit with a more pronounced prune note, there's even a touch of chocolate liqueur that gives me hope ... maybe.

On the palate it starts off very peppery and spicy, but more wood than fruit derived. I used a small decanter to see if I was able to smooth it out with air ... and it does, kinda. The fruit is dried and slightly sweet-ish in nature, the pepper and spice have backed off but that is fleeting ... as the wine sits in glass and breathes the more the oak begins to show through (this is mirrored in the un-decanted bottle portion as well). Sadly, it has not aged particularly well ... time to move on ... and if you have any in your cellar, you'll want to as well.


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