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Tscharke 2006 Only Son (Australia)

12 Sep 2020

Tscharke Only Son


(May 16, 2020) ... Only Son is a 75% Tempranillo / 25% Graciano, two Spanish grape varieties growing in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Tempranillo is pretty well known, you can find it in all kinds of Spanish wines around the country, but Graciano (?) I have had very few wines made with and even fewer with the grape all by itself. It's a low yield, late harvested, warm climate loving grape that get very little love - but it does explain why Australia would work with it. This 14 year old wine is nice and mature with a rich and velvety texture, sure there is a pruney note of age, but there is also some smoky, vanilla and cassis notes. It's a pretty nice wine still, but not one I would hold much longer - glad I drank it when I did.


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