From the Cellar

A Couple of Big Guns (California / Australia)

28 May 2021


(November 14, 2020) ... It's one of those nights, where only big wines will do. Tonight, I opened up a Zinfandel from California and a pretty ballsy Australian Shiraz-based blend for dinner - earlier I opened this Gamay as a "aperitif":

RavenswoodRavenswood 2010 Sonoma County Old Vines Zinfandel - those who know me, know I dig a really good Zinfandel, and this Ravenswood delivered: spiced-plum and cherry kick off right from the get-go, gorgeously drinkable with a smooth palate and delicate spices of the Christmas variety; there's a touch of tannin here and a lovely mocha finish. Glad I caught this bottle at this time cause it is "loverly".

Ma I Have This Evening 2009 - This Aussie-blend came into Ontario a number of years ago turns out it's a Shiraz (80%) - Mataro (20%) (aka Mourvedre) and supposedly a Rolf Binder bottle (though years agoMa I Have This 2009 they told me that it was not one of there's - so if you know ...). That all said, it has aged quite nicely, being that it is now 11 years from vintage date: leathery, smoky, spiced-plum with a nice coffee bean note that shows up on the mid-palate; the finish is spiced raspberry and licorice. I have no complaints about this wine. I would gladly drink another four bottles if given the chance (and if I had any more) - but not all on the same night there is quite a bit of alcohol here.


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