Ontario Reviews: The Best of 2017 - Just Shy of Perfection

11 Jan 2018


Every year I look back at the previous year to find my best scored wines and make a list … this year it seems more important than ever to look back, because the 100-point scale has come under some fire for inflated scores. By looking back every year I get a chance to see if my 5-star system is still serving its purpose. I’m happy to report that it is.

This year I had no 5-star wines (outstanding) and two that received 4½+ (excellent-plus) … and there were only 14 wines in total that received 4 ½ (excellent) … do the math and that’s only 16 wines that received an “excellent” or higher rating. Would be interested to see how many 95s were given out by certain un-named writers?

I would like to think it is because of two factors, as I taste more wines from here at home and around the world I get tougher and I’m always conscious of over scoring a wine just to get publicity … Plus, it’s all about integrity. Wine scoring is not about getting your name in the paper or on as many stickers of a wine bottle as possible – it’s about advising the consumer about what to get and why. That said, all the wines I score and publish I recommend – some just more highly than others.

Here’s to another great year of wine, the best of 2016 should be making their way onto shelves and we should see some awesome juice in our glasses – but don’t let those ‘15s pass you by, it’s an under-rated but still coveted vintage (mark my words).

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for following, subscribing and most of all reading.


Click on the wines below to see the full review:

Creekside Estate Winery 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ... (4½+ stars)

iCellars 2015 Arinna ... (4½+ stars)


   To see the rest of the list click on the link below:

The Best of 2017 - Just Shy of Perfection

(volume 29)


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