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Lost & Found: Hillebrand 2007 Showcase Pinot Noir, Clark Farm

05 Oct 2015

(June 5, 2015) ... Hillebrand has never been known as a Pinot Noir house, there Red and Grand Red are staples in many Ontarians Cellars and a go to wine for many others: some say its the elegant bottle that makes it a great gift, others swear by the wine inside - but if I mention Pinot Noir, you're mind will not immediately go to Hillebrand ... butt tonight the lure of Pinot got me off the couch and into the cellar, where I discovered this bottle of Hillebrand Showcase Pinot from a very hot Ontario vintage. The wine started off interestingly enough with aromas of black raspberry, spiced cranberry, and lots of cedar ... The palate started well enough too with a smooth entry, lots of black fruit: spiced black cherry and tart cranberry on the mid-palate, but then the finish kicked in with a big whack of cedar ... And that is where the dilemma of this wine rested. An hour and a half later the cedar took over - especially on the palate and well onto the finish. It's a hard wine with plenty of rough edges and the loss of fruit by the 2 hour mark didn't help it either.

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