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Taste it Again: A Double Does of the Ghost 2009 vs 2013

19 Nov 2015

(July 4, 2015) ... My father-in-law was here last year (September 2014) and raved about the 2013 Ghost Creek Riesling as one of his favourite all time wines (now that bodes well for Ontario winemaking) ... So I thought it interesting to try him out on another great Ghost Creek from years gone by in a Ghost Creek comparative tasting, starting with the 2009. The nose had a bit of petrol creeping in, but also some wonderful lemon drop and bruised apple ... The palate came across much fresher than the nose let on with pear, apricot, peach, and acidity that still holds up its end of the bargain on a long finish - there was even a soft and supple note from entry to mid-palate that made you feel you could squeeze your cheeks for more flavours and there's still a good mineral sensation. In my opinion a very good representation of nicely aged Niagara Riesling. My father-in-law still preferred the 2013 (see the full review here).

To see the original review of the 2009 Ghost Creek Riesling, click here

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