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Taste it Again: Our 5th Anniversary Wine

07 Mar 2016


(September 4, 2015) ... It's been 5 years since my girlfriend and I tied the marital knot, and for such an occasion it only seemed right to crack open the wine we got engaged with: Chateau des Charmes 2005 Methode Traditionelle Rose. At now ten years of age it is both a time capsule type of wine for us as well as a educational wine to me: how often does one get to taste a 10 year old Sparkling Rose. When poured the first thing we noticed was that the wine is a tad on the browner side of Rose, but it is still definitely Rose. There's also some oxidative notes creeping in which are bathed mainly in strawberry pith; acidity continues to be good and crisp, while the wine remains lively with bubbles in the glass. Our second glass was a little better, as a little raspberry and lime crept in and repressed those oxidized notes. Not sure how long I should be keeping the other few bottles I have of this - as soon it'll lose its character and charm and just become a curiosity.

We also opened a bottle of Hillebrand 2007 Oliveira Vineyard Chardonnay ... This was a hard one to get through. Colour was deep yellow, and oaky with a distinct almondine note - wait, isn't that supposed to be the smell of arsenic? Has five years been too long for this one?


I have no original review for the Hillebrand - but the original Sparkling Rose review can be found here.



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