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Lost & Found: Inniskillin 2002 Cabernet Franc Reserve

14 Dec 2016

Our Wine & Cheese Spread

(May 4, 2016) ... I have Ontario wine royalty in the house, Donald Ziraldo has stopped by to be part of the very first Two Guys Talking Wine legacy podcast ... during the Podcast recording I thought it fun to pull out my oldest (non-icewine) bottle of Inniskillin wine (the winery Donald helped to found) ... Throughout the recording we made comment about the wine and by the end we had my podcast partner, Andre Proulx, wishing he'd come down to Niagara for the recording session instead of staying in Toronto. The conversation lasted a little shy of 2 hours, of which we used an hour in the podcast so Donald and I had plenty of time to experience this wine's opening:

Starts off with cassis, cigar box, touch of cedar, dried raspberry ... Ends smooth and lush with silky tannins, fresh lively fruit, it had a real elegance about it but still with notes of cedar and cigar smoke permeating. Surprising to both of us this wine was still lively, vibrant and full of life ... Which best describes Donald Ziraldo to a tee, so I'm glad we got to share it - sorry Andre.

You can listen to the Podcast here


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