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Taste it Again: Huff Estates 2006 Cuvee Peter F Huff

11 Jul 2017

Huff 2006 Peter F Huff(July 27, 2016) ... Usually Fridays are sparkling wine nights for us, but here we are mid-week enjoying a bottle of bubbles, and an older bottle at that: Huff Estates 2006 Cuvee Peter F Huff. When this wine was released it was lauded as a landmark wine for Huff, the County and a real turning point for the region - awards were heaped upon it and so was the praise ... So now we sit ten years from vintage date and it really is one of those wines that'll have you scratching your head or jumping for joy. Here's the scoop: there are a lot of aged sparkling characteristics like hazelnut, mushroom and marzipan - some might find these notes off-putting, yet there is something interesting under this cork - don't wait much longer.

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