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Taste it Again: Lailey 2006 Merlot

06 Oct 2017

Lailey 2006 Merlot


(August 9, 2016) ... Ten years away from a tough vintage and I would have been very surprised if this wine was drinking well, let alone wonderful; but Lailey has surprising me in the past so I'm opened minded ... Then my open-mindedness comes crashing down with a simple sniff: oaky, smoky, and menthol ... But hold on, some wine just starts off slow; alas that was not the case: palate showed green elements along with oak/cedar, and smoky. Left open it continued to be a weak wine with little to no fruit where the cedar tones continue to dominate and get more intense; it left a dry mouth feel which made it little tough on the finish.  (see original review here)


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