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Taste it Again : Exultet 2011 The Blessed Chardonnay

06 Jan 2019

Exultet 2011 The Blessed


(December 27, 2017) ... A little wine from my own cellar before I head off to Australia and New Zealand ...

Exultet 2011 The Blessed Chardonnay ... this once award winning and much lauded wine has not faired well with age. The nose is now all creamed corn and rancid candy corn, both on the nose and palate, there are also some troubling burnt barrel notes (from heavily toasted barrels) - and this wine is a hard one to drink, sure I say that as a non-Chardonnay fan but also that remark comes from two people who tried the wine with me ... who are huge chardonnay fans. Too bad, for the price of this wine it should have at least made it to 6 years if not longer.

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