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Taste it Again : Lailey 2011 Brickyard Chardonnay

21 Apr 2019

Lailey 2011 Brickyard


(March 10, 2019) ... Found a bottle of Lailey Brickyard Chardonnay in the wine fridge, and it's vintage date tells me it's on that cusp of Chardonnay where I think it begins to really fade to black, but surprisingly this one is still alive, but on the edge, so if you have any in your cellar (or wine fridge) drink now:  almond, lime zest, citrus pith, all with a medium length finish.  As it sits open it develops a little vanilla and praline which peek in and out, plus the acidity seems to punch up the proceedings - but it's still something that must be opened and consumed sooner than later.

original review can be found here


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