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Lost & Found : Double Dose of Trius Bruts

31 Mar 2020


Trius Bruts(November 24, 2019) ... Pulled out two bottles of Trius Brut tonight - a bottle of the Brut Rose that I purchased in 2018 - no big deal it tasted like it should, but the real question mark was the bottle of Trius Brut, bought in 2014.

Years ago I questioned both the winemaker and the winery about how one could tell when a bottle of the Trius Brut was produced:  are there markings on the bottle, the label, etc?  I was told "no" so I resorted to using my CellarTracker account and put the date purchased on the barcode label I print up and attach to every bottle ... this one said I purchased the bottle in 2014, so it is a 5 year old bottle of non-vintage bubbles from Ontario. Lots of almond, bosc pear, buttered toast with a hint of praline - there was also still a great acid backbone;  so tonight I was able to prove that Trius Brut bought in 2014 stood up and stood the test of time; though I would drink any you have from this batch sooner than later.


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