Cattail Creek 2009 Riesling
Two-thousand-nine was the year for Riesling - ain't no doubt about that. Great acidity, lovely aromatics ... what 2007 was for Bordeaux red lovers, 2009 was for Riesling lovers. Cattail Creek seized upon this gift from Mother Nature and really pulled together a lovely bit of Riesling magic, getting all the elements to come together in one bottle, and all priced for not a lot of shekels. The nose is truly inviting with peach, pear, a tinge of tropical and some melon ... the palate is a multitude of flavours including, but not limited to: lemon, melon, tropical fruits, grapefruit cocktail, pear ... the list seems almost endless. Very crisp palate that continues to evolve in the glass - the biting acidity balances the sweetness and finishes with tropical, pear and mineral notes. This might be one of the best Riesling values in Niagara. Price: $15.95 - Rating: **** 1/2
Niagara Peninsula
Available at the winery

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