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Ontario Wines Reviewed : The Wines to Get Now (vol. 71)

10 Sep 2020


A little tweak here and a little tweak there, here a tweak, there a tweak, everywhere a tweak tweak ... yup a few more tiny dashes and dots were added once again to the e-Blast as I try to fine tune this. Let's see how you like this one. Suggestions are welcome.

In this week’s e-blast there are the usual 6 wines to put on your radar - and they are: 2 Chardonnays make the grade (one from a very unlikely source), an Italian-style Pinot Noir from the County, a couple of red blends and a Cabernet Franc from an old friend which is like a hug to the tongue.

My International Selection is something I reviewed last year, but is finally on LCBO shelves; there's a link to the Rose Report - still valid because there are still warm days ahead; plus you'll also find the usual video links and “Side Bar” pictures that link to an article - find out what's behind the picture.

Finally, because I get many a press release sent to me I thought I would share some of the news with you, so I added a "Quote of the Week" - the inaugural one is from Matthew Speck of Henry of Pelham, and it is about the current crop of grapes in Ontario.

Be safe - stay healthy - drink well.


  Click on the wines name to see the full review:

2nd Streetlight 2018 Chardonnay ... (****+)

Hubbs Creek 2017 Pinot Noir Reserve ... (****+)

Inniskillin 2017 Cabernet Franc Reserve ... (****+)

Leaning Post 2018 Chardonnay, Clone 96 ... (****)

Niagara College 2018 Tom Thomson Algonquin Red ... (****+)

Pondview 2016 Meritage, Bella Terra ... (**** ½)


 Plus : Some International Flair ...

Casale del Giglio 2017 Cesanese ... (****)


      To see the full newsletter with video and side bar links please click below:

Ontario Reviews: The Wines to Get Now (vol. 71)


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