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Vineland Estates 2009 Pinot Meunier
I believe that Vineland is trying to corner the market on Pinot Meunier in Niagara. It's very interesting to see this third (and relatively minor) grape of Champagne in a stand alone wine. Vineland currently has 8 acres of the stuff growing in their vineyard - which is probably the majority of acreage grown in the area, though I think Thirty Bench has a few as well. This is a most interesting wine and one worth trying. A nose of raspberry-tobacco leads to a smoky and spiced tobacco palate; there's some grit and some weight to this wine that gives it an interesting presence in the mouth. There's also 4 months worth of oak treatment here, which adds its je-ne-sais-pas quality. I understand this is a grape Vineland in going to keep up with so this isn't just a one off bottling ... might I suggest you get on the bandwagon early and try this wine, sooner rather than later when everyone will be drinking it. Price: $17.95 - Rating; ****+
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Niagara Peninsula
Available at the winery and thru Vintages (May 14, 2011)

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