Thirty Bench 2007 Small Lot Benchmark Red
This is another red beauty from the 2007 vintage from a house better known for its Rieslings than its red wines, and yet surprisingly Thirty Bench makes some of the nicest reds coming off the Bench. Their plainly named ‘Reds’ was/is stellar and this ‘Benchmark’ isn’t far behind. Aged 24 months in exclusively French oak this wine will need time to develop and come into its own. The nose has candied raspberries and sweet red cherries, while the palate shows red licorice and black cherries – but that’s just what’s lying on the surface – beneath there’s a whole new ballgame waiting to happen in 5 years or so, right now there's some juiciness and vanilla notes hanging about. Price: $60.00 – Rating: ****½
Red Blend
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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