Pelee Island 2002 Late Harvest Scheurebe
Let’s start with the question most of you are asking … what the heck is a Scheurebe? It is a cross between a Silvaner and Riesling that has been growing on Pelee Island since 1984 … and it makes a wonderful, non-standard dessert wine that tastes amazing and will start plenty of conversation. With great apple and melon aromas, we thought this one was going to be a real sweetie – but at a 4 on the sugar code it surprisd us as being not too much so – in fact it was just right. On the palate we found honeydew melon and pear that awakened our tastebuds, leading up to a great crisp clean non-lingering finish. With a good chill on it we found this one light and refreshing. This is a very nice wine to serve after dinner or before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep with very pleasant dreams. Interestingly enough, this is one of the few Pelee Island offerings that is not available through the LCBO. This Scheurebe is a winery exclusive … and well worth the trip.
Dessert / Sweet
Other White Varieties
Lake Erie North Shore
at the winery only

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