Coyote's Run 2007 Pinot Blanc
Not much Pinot Blanc is made in Ontario, and up until now, Vineland was the only winery that I could name that made one (I’ve also learned that Konzelmann makes one); but along comes the boys from Coyote’s Run and they want to try their hand at making this Alsatian beauty too. So they buy some grapes from Vinlenad and give it a go … and don’t they just make the most delicious summertime refresher you could imagine. Just a touch of sweetness (1) gives extra life to this wine that is loaded with pineapple, banana chips and tropical notes on both the nose and palate. This one’s fresh, fruity and lively, while the medium short finish makes it even tastier, sip after sip – because like with Lay’s chips – betcha can’t sip just once. Price: $18.00
Pinot Blanc
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and thru WineryToHome

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