Henry of Pelham 2006 Off-Dry Reserve Riesling
There must be something in the water up at Henry of Pelham, or at least in the wine – I think the Speck boys are getting drunk on their own stuff - because they consistently produce good quality wine at a very reasonable price. This off-dry Riesling is a prime example of what I am talking about … while the nose seems a little tight at the moment – I had to strain to get floral and apple out of it – the mouth is incredibly inviting with good palate cleansing acidity, refreshing flavours of white peach and appley-goodness and tasty as all get-out. Yet another winner from the Speck boys. Whatever they’re drinking up at Pelham, let’s hope it continues, because the moment they sober up and find out their under charging for their superb wines we’re all in trouble and it’ll be too late to do anything about it … they’ll have us all hooked too.
Niagara Peninsula
from the winery, LCBO and thru WineryToHome
(Re-Tasted February 2011) ... Another Sunday night, another battle with our demons ... our love of Chinese food from our local favourite. I would say we eat Chinese from the Magnolia Restaurant as often as we eat chicken, which I think is once every couple of weeks. And once again I dug around looking for a wine to match, coming up with a 2006 off-dry Riesling from Henry of Pelham. '06 was a decent year of Riesling, not too great for the red grapes but a year that Riesling loved and this wine shows it. The nose is pear and peach with a nuance of petrol, some talc and limeade. The palate was lemon and green apple based with nice acidity and a long luxurious finish. There is no rush to drink up the bottles in your cellar, this one still can age and should improve gracefully over the next 5 years or more. Thankfully I have one left myself and will thoroughly enjoy it when the time is right ... that time could be now, but I'm willing to see this one through a few more years.

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