Henry of Pelham 2005 Cabernet Franc
It’s not every year that Henry of Pelham makes a straight Cabernet Franc, they usually put the grape into their Meritage blend, but lucky for us in 2005 they decided to grace us with a well-priced, well-made straight Cab Franc. Daniel Speck, vice president Sales and Marketing, told me via email, “Cabernet Franc ripens unevenly on the vine, greenish clusters will set right next to a red one … we don’t want green flavours in the wine so we prune vigorously [before budding], then early in the season.” And with only a hint of green veg, which blows off 15 minutes after the initial opening and pouring, they’ve succeeded admirably. This medium bodied Franc is a tasty, yet lighter expression than many I have tasted lately – blackberry, cassis, black cherry, cedar and soft spice on the nose. Black fruit, cedar and black cherry come through on the palate, with a touch of red fruit sweetness and black raspberry tartness; there’s even a touch of oregano – where that came from I’m not sure, but it sure did add to the mix nicely. It all culminates in a coffee/cocoa finish. There’s much come-back-ability to this wine sip after sip so enjoy.
Cabernet Franc
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and the LCBO

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