Henry of Pelham 2003 Meritage (Cabernet-Merlot)
Pulling out a stored bottle of 2003, I found it showing lots of woodsy and black characteristics. It is important to note that the 2003 crop was not a very good one for reds in Ontario, the vintage itself was a short crop due to below average temperatures throughout the region, many varieties did not survive the winter damage; therefore winemakers in the area had to make do with what they got. At Henry or Pelham veteran winemaker Ron Griesbecht did his best to salvage the season, and as with many, lots of wood was used to give the wines some structure and flavour. The nose on this wine had all the fruit components: cassis, blackberry, black pepper and hints of cedar. In the mouth I found lots of wood, namely cedar, which masked most of the fruit, though the black pepper and blackberries were able to poke through a little. A fairly dry lengthy finish did produce a pleasant aftertaste of strawberries. (Tasted: May 2007)
Red Blend
Niagara Peninsula
No longer available

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