Henry of Pelham 2006 Reserve Pinot Noir
Here’s a tasty Pinot that has the colour of light cranberry juice … but don’t be afraid, that’s how it’s supposed to be. What this wine lacks in depth of colour, it gets back in depth of character and flavour. The usual tell-tale signs of good Pinot Noir are there – the earthy aromas and tastes – but there is also plenty of black-sour-cherries as it courses through your mouth, which leads to a mild-earthy finish. Finally, there’s a cheek sucking aspect to this wine, which (if done) will reveal unwashed raspberries straight from the bush – and there ain’t no better way to eat ‘em.
Pinot Noir
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and at Vintages (Feb. 2, 2008)

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