Henry of Pelham 2004 Merlot Reserve
When somebody comes at me with a bottle of 2004 wine from Ontario, I am apt to say, “eah” and shrug my shoulders – not a great year, not a horrible year, just ‘eah’ (sounds like ‘yeah’ without the ‘y’). But I have never been known to shun a glass of wine and thankfully I did not shun this one … Henry of Pelham has made a beautiful Merlot from an average vintage (something they do on a consistent basis). Aged 14 months in oak they have not only been able to extract barrel character but fruit character to match right along with it. There’s red fruit and cedar along with some vanilla and herbs that all taste just lovely to me … and the ageing in both barrel and bottle have smoothed this one out quite nicely. I’d say there’s easily another 2-3 years left on this wine (maybe more), but why wait – pick yourself up something meaty for dinner and enjoy.
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery, through Winery to Home and at Vintages (Feb.16, 2008)

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