Stratus 2005 WildAss Red
Rumour has it that because of the short crop in ’05 and the great growing season that went along with it – Stratus made very little of their second label red; but what they did make ended up being snapped up by the LCBO, so the only place you can pick up this wine is at your local liquor monopoly location on release day (November 22). A blend of four of the five Bordeaux grapes (no Petit Verdot) with the addition of Syrah and Gamay which adds some very interesting aspects to this wine’s flavour profile. Most notably there is sour cherry, plum and cocoa in here – but if you’re willing to dive a little deeper you’ll see a bit of it’s complexity, namely Montreal Smoked Meat soaked in cherry liqueur with a whole bunch of herbs and spices … if that sounds tasty to you – then this is your wine. Price: $19.00
Red Blend
Niagara Peninsula
thru Vintages (November 22, 2008)

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