Reif Estate 2005 Vidal Icewine
You probably don’t remember the winter of 2005/2006 … but I’ll tell you, our winemakers sure do – and they shudder at what could have been a disaster. 2005 was a great growing season in Niagara, but it is remembered mainly for it’s short crop because of the harsh winter of 2004. That following winter was mild, very mild; mild enough in fact that there was a scare in the air that potentially icewine would not be made because it was the middle of January and we had yet to get the prerequisite temps of –10 to freeze the grapes and make icewine. But through all this worry and gnashing of teeth the cold finally came in late January and look what all that hang time has wrought … a nose of apricots, honeyed peaches, a touch of apple juice along with some floral and cinnamon notes. The taste is just as delicious with honey dipped apples rolled in peach-cocktail juice … a tad on the thick side, but that only aids in coating the mouth, leaving an extremely long apple floral finish behind.
Dessert / Sweet
Niagara Peninsula
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