Reif Estate 2007 Kerner
01/27/2009 - Weekly Wine Note and Podcast … For full review copy and paste the following link into your browser: ... when cutting and pasting into your browser be sure to remove the period(s) after "html". Price: $14.95 - Rating: ****
Other White Varieties
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery
(Re-Tasted September 2011) ... I just finished listening to my Weekly Wine Notes podcast about this wine and I have to admit I was in some kind of mood that day (download it to see what I mean), seems I was "giving the finger to old man winter" drinking a fruity summertime white in the dead of the cold season. This time I drank this wine when it was suppose to be drunk, in summer, with different, but still very pleasurable results. The nose piled on the grapefruit skin with acacia and lavender honey ... at first the palate was full of grapefruit rind / pith with a touch of sweetness through the mid-palate and a bitterish finish, there was also some slightly floral nuances on the tongue. But give it about 15-20 minutes and it became tropical with hints of papaya. What started out a little funky ended beautifully.

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