Reif Estate 2007 Shiraz
As we head into fall you’ll be looking for some wines that will go well on hot fall days and cool fall nights. While the weather doesn’t know what it’s going to do, you’ll want to know the wine your drinking will go well in either condition. This Reif Shiraz is a good wine for just such times, you could chill it down a little if it’s hot, or leave it at cellar temperature if it’s cool. The nose smells of raspberry with a hint of white pepper, some pencil lead and sweet cherries. On the palate there’s a combination of white and black pepper, which flows front to back (white up front, black on the finish), and black cherry with a hint of tannin. Very smooth and easy going down, no matter what the temperature, inside or out. Price: $16.95
Shiraz / Syrah
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and thru Winery to Home

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