Niagara College 2007 Dean’s List Sauvignon Blanc
He’s the godfather of Canadian wine-writers, known around the globe by winery owners and winemakers, he even has an Order of Canada – but who would have thought that our own Tony Aspler would be elevated to Dean. Niagara College has asked Tony to rate some, of what they feel, are their best wines, and the one’s that make the grade get promoted to “Dean’s List” status – complete with report card label showing Tony’s handwritten scores. I can’t argue with the Dean on this one. This Sauvignon Blanc is truly head of the class. Grassy and grapefruit with lovely citrus on the nose – the aromatics sweep you up and drag you in. The palate is slightly sweet with soft citrus, good acidity and great sippability. I noted it had a very South African sensibility to it – not surprising, head winemaker/teacher Terence Van Rooyen, hails from the Cape. This one is just downright delicious. Price: $18.95
Sauvignon Blanc
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and thru WineryToHome

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