Creekside 2001 Laura’s Blend (Meritage)
It’s young but definitely ageable if you have the patience to wait that is … otherwise drink up and enjoy it right now because it is wonderful. Hints of new leather-coat hit the nose hinting at, even before the first sip, a full-bodied blend. The tannins are the next thing to grab you, what many would consider in your face – but this just enhances my thoughts about age-worthiness. Finally, when you get past the original leather smell and the tannin grip the fruit begins to show through … as the wine warms in the glass it’s the fruitiness that really shines through while the persistent tannins grab at the back palate. By the end of the bottle we were chewing on sediment, which made the wine bitter, so I would definitely recommend decanting it to avoid the unpleasant end to a excellent bottle of wine … if drinking now, decanting will also aid in smoothing out those firm tannins; otherwise, might I suggest buying a few bottles to test how this one will smooth out over time. Kudos to Creekside for a stellar drinking red for now and for the future, at a very reasonable price to quality ratio.
Red Blend
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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