Creekside 2005 Broken Press Shiraz
A few years ago, Creekside's winemaking team had a dilemma - their basket press broke while pressing some Vionier. So instead of panicking, they had the brilliant idea of putting what juice they were able to salvage into their premium Shiraz ... and voila Broken Press Shiraz was born, with just a touch (3-5 %) of Viognier added for fruitiness and aromatics. Well the Broken Press Shiraz took off, and now they break a press every year just so they can make this wine (just kidding), but they do add in the Viognier. This year’s version is aged twenty months in new French and American wood and it tastes and smells like ... a little piece of heaven, but something tells me that will not suffice for you, so let's try it this way: violets, black fruit, cassis and pepper make up the nose; while the pepperiness continues by way of white pepper in the mouth along with some red fruit and black fruit. This contrast sends your taste buds into overload as it tries to determine which is which; after all that confusion this wine finishes on a delicate note with a touch of floral spiciness. Even better than its predecessor.
Shiraz / Syrah
Niagara Peninsula
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