Kacaba 2003 Escarp. Series Chardonnay Sur Lie
Kacaba is a Niagara based winery that we rarely hear much about or from, sure they win their share awards and make some pretty good wines, but then they do it with much less fanfare then some. Here's a wine that may signal a new direction for Kacaba, sporting (literally) a flashy new label. A shiny, bright, eye-catching label means nothing if it’s not matched by something good in the bottle; consumers will buy a cutesy/impressive label once, but you’ll have to back it up with something good behind the label; Kacaba does. This sur lie Chard has a butteryness that masks its lack of oaking, but buttery isn't what this wine is all about, I'd say it's more about the apple fruit, which truly stands out to me. It's quite enjoyable and short finished - so you'll keep enjoying it sip after sip.
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery. LCBO Vintages Release: January 5, 2008

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