By Chadsey’s Cairn NV County Rosé
There are quite a few really good rosés coming out of Ontario these days; either rosé has a new lease on life or pink is every winemaker’s new favourite colour. Whatever the reason, By Chadsey’s has made an interesting and tasty one here. Rosés are usually made from red grapes that have minimal skin contact with the juice, thus creating its light red, or rosé, colour. For argument’s sake, I’ll consider this wine a blush – a pink wine made primarily from white grapes, in this case Chardonnay (90%) that has a little red wine added to it, in this case Zweigelt (10%), to give it it’s pinky colour – it’s a marriage of two wines where they both become the blushing bride. But no matter how this one came about, it’s a fun little wine to sip on a languid afternoon. Imagine a nose of cherries and pink bubblegum and a taste reminiscent of strawberry/raspberry jam with half the sweetness but all the flavour. An easy sipper on its own or a great match for spicy/peppery foods.
Prince Edward County
at the winery only

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