Mastronardi 2007 Cabernet Rosé
The odd part about rosé is that it is made from red grapes and can have smells and tastes usually associated with white grapes. This Mastronardi Rosé is made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes and has some of the most interesting smells. The nose has so much going on: apples, cherry, hints of strawberry, a tropical nuance (akin to kiwis) and the sweet smell of banana chips(?). The taste is simpler, yet very delicious – red berries, hint of cherry and some strawberry-kiwi with a touch of tartness on the finish. This one is so delightful, especially on the nose – but the good news is that it’s delicious to sip on too, especially while you try to figure out what you’re smelling. Price: $12.00
Cabernet Franc
Lake Erie North Shore
at the winery

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