Sprucewood Shores 2007 Rosé
Odd combinations usually produce some of the most interesting wines. Who would have even thought that adding Viognier to Shiraz would cause such a stir, or blending Gamay and Pinot Noir would result in such a palate pleaser. Well here’s another interesting blend that works remarkably well: Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Wineries in the Lake Erie North Shore have really embraced this grape (Cabernet Franc), as all Ontario wineries should, and have come up with some exceedingly good wines using it straight or blended. This one’s a rosé, yes it’s pink – but it’s not the treacly pink stuff we all grew up on, although the nose might give you that impression. Smells of strawberry and cherry greet the olfactory lobes, while the tongue will also think sweet, as a note of caramel starts off the tasting experience before giving way to sweet ripe cherries. It all ends with a dry tart cherry finish – what an awesome taste sensation. All that from a pink wine – amazing huh? Price: $10.95
Lake Erie North Shore
at the winery

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